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BuscemaPhotography_AJ4V3910 (1)

Timbers North FC 11B vs Spokane Scotties B2011 McKinley


Timbers North FC 11B @ Spokane Sounders B2011 South Mahar

BuscemaPhotography_AJ4V4130 (1)

Thorns North FC 14G @ Spokane Sounders Valley 2014

BuscemaPhotography_AJ4V3475 (1)

Timbers North FC 11B vs NSC Montana

BuscemaPhotography_AJ4V0180 (1)

Coeur d’Alene Vikings vs Moscow Varsity Basketball

BuscemaPhotography_AJ4V9602 (1)

Coeur d’Alene Vikings vs Lake City Girl’s Varsity Basketball


Coeur d’Alene Vikings vs Eagle Mustangs Varsity Football 5A Quarterfinal Playoffs

BuscemaPhotography_PB12533 (1)

Thorns North FC 14G vs FC Spokane G2014


Coeur d’Alene Vikings vs Lewiston Bengals Senior Night


Coeur d’Alene Vikings Freshman Football vs Lewiston Bengals

BuscemaPhotography__PB12568 (1)

Thorns North FC 2014G Fall Team Photos

_PB24089-SharpenAI-Motion (1)

Timbers North FC 2011B Fall Team Photos


Timbers Thorns North FC 14G vs Spokane Sounders 14G

BuscemaPhotography_PB18178 (1)

Coeur d’Alene Vikings Varsity Football vs Post Falls Trojans Homecoming

BuscemaPhotography_PB17184 (1)

Coeur d’Alene Vikings Homecoming Parade 2021


Coeur d’Alene Vikings Girls Varsity Soccer vs Sandpoint 10/5/21

BuscemaPhotography__JPB2224_DN (1)

Southern Utah University Football vs UC Davis 11/11/2017

BuscemaPhotography__JPB6587 (1)

Punahou vs J Serra 2017


Girl’s Tennis Team Photos


Vista vs Torrey Pines Varsity Football 9/21/2012